My husband works construction and really needed chiropractic care and let me tell you, it's working great and he's already showing such an improvement! The staff is super friendly, knowledgeable and so helpful. I don't understand why the ratings are so bad!! My guess is that the person who left the one star review probably signed up for a plan and didn't honor their agreement so take their review with a grain of salt. In no way are you OBLIGATED to sign up but if you are someone who needs corrective care, like my husband, of course they are going to encourage you to choose a plan because it ensures them of your future business and it HELPS YOU and your wallet. Don't let 2 bad reviews from a few years ago impact your decision to at least check this place out and see if it works for you.

La Mesa Chiropractor
Nicole C.

I met Dr. Rick Nasif two years ago when my back was so bad, the physical therapist told me I would need three massages a week for a year to get it back in shape. I began seeing Dr, Rick for adjustments and have never felt better. I completed the first year's contract, which was explained very clearly and made a lot of sense (not to mention cents!)...so much so that I signed up again for the second year and am about to sign for a third year. My husband, who was going to another doctor, switched to Dr. Rick and is very happy, too. We have an incredible family plan that also includes our teenage daughter, who is active in sports. Healthwise, we feel so much better! I have not even had a cold in two years!

The office staff, Leslie and Jordan, are so friendly and competent and make it so easy to set appointments around our crazy schedules.

If you are looking for a chiropractor, Dr. Rick is the one to see!

La Mesa Chiropractor
Denise L.

They have a good thing going here! Chiropractic care is so essential to overall wellbeing, and I like coming here for ongoing treatments that match both my lifestyle and my budget. The doctors really do care about your health and treatment plan.

La Mesa Chiropractor
Marya Sherwin

This is the same style chiropractor I am used to - no electrodes! I was out of work five days straight and Dr Rick got me back to work the next day, he helped me stand straight again!

La Mesa Chiropractor
Billyjoe Raybob

Vision Chiropractic has brought me to a point of being pain free! Suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain, within 5 months I have become more flexible and can maneuver around so much easier! Am I happy with the service? YES! Am I happy with the overall attentiveness given by Dr. Rick? YES! Dr. Rick and his staff genuinely care about your well being and they will work around your schedule if necessary. I'm feeling so great this last month or so and I owe it all to Dr. Rick and his great care of me. I highly recommend Vision Chiropractic to any that suffer from minor to major pain. You will not be sorry!

La Mesa Chiropractor
Lori Good

Being born with a defect in my neck, I wasn't able to have a full range of motion, which was really upsetting. I went to countless doctors and they said attempting an operation wouldn't be the case and that later in life this problem will go away on its own. Being 27 already and being told those 10 years ago, I wasn't going to put up with all of this babbling anymore. I look up for chiropractic services and found Dr. Rick and immediately scheduled an appointment with him. When we met, he was very friendly and I told him what my problem was. He looked at me like really understanding what this is all about and then laid me down on the table. He started with a gentle massage of the neck area, he just put my neck in place if I can say that. He twitched it somehow and the pain was finally gone. I was left speechless. It's the most amazing thing I've ever experienced and would definitely recommend him to anyone. Just wow.

La Mesa Chiropractor
Francisco Gomez

For quite a few years I was experiencing shoulder pain issues. With the slight success of physical therapy, I checked again with the PA regarding pain in my right shoulder which limited my reaching back or up. She ordered an x-ray of my shoulder, and then referred me to an orthopedic surgeon. He diagnosed my problem as a tear of the rotator cuff, gave a corticosteroid injection and ordered physical therapy. The injection relieved some pain, and the PT treatments helped, but did not completely eliminate the ongoing pain. I started looking for alternative solutions until I found Dr. Nasif. With only 2 treatment sessions I started feeling relief in my shoulder.

La Mesa Chiropractor
Donald Vaughan